Alias(es) Succubus
Black Death
Appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Status Unknown

Succubus (Rocky West) is a female mutant who was part of Team X. She was believed to have been killed by Lady Deathstrike after she tried desperately to interfere in Stryker's experiment on Deadpool.


X-Men Origins: WolverineEdit

Rocky West was a member of Team X, among the only females and was lead by Colonel William Stryker. Although she did follow his orders, she refused to follow an order she disagreed with and tended to listen to Deadpool more often than Stryker. Later when Team X was disbanded, she became a cocktail waitress in Oregon. However, she was quickly kidnapped by Sabretooth for Weapon X. She was quickly disregarded for the project, and quickly objected to the experiment on Deadpool, whom was revealed as her lover and was initially believed to be killed by Lady Deathstrike or even possibly Agent Zero.


It is implied that she will be returning in "Deadpool" and that her status is alive.


Rocky is described as being a quiet and collected person. She suffers from a sense of brokenness, which causes her to become easily attached to others. She is rarely kind and generally is rude and sarcastic, presenting herself as a prideful and crude mutant who has very distorted views of humans. She expresses an odd, constant desire to kill and it is required for her to consume human blood in order to sustain her blood-lust, something that makes her reminiscent of a vampire.



  • Superhuman Strength: Succubus's central power involves her superhuman strength, which far surpasses that of even the most powerful of mutants, including Juggernaut. She is easily able to crack human skulls, shatter cement walls, and destroy glass with a simple touch. It was implied at several points that she could shatter Wolverine's adamantium skull/bones.
  • Superhuman/Enhanced Senses: Succubus's senses have been put into "overdrive", according to Stryker. Her instincts are much sharper as well, providing her with the skills required to survive. Her senses are advanced enough that she can hear animals from at least fifty yards away, smell blood from an unallocated distance, and she can also see for thousands of miles. Her instincts are highly similar to that of an animal, possibly indicating experiments done on her by Stryker.
  • Extreme Regenerative Capabilities: Much like Wolverine and her lover, Deadpool she possesses extreme regenerative capabilities. She was easily able to regenerate after she was "playfully" cut by Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and even after she was struck by a syringe full of adamantium whereas she bled adamantium.