Sentinel Killer
[[Sentinel Killer|250px]]

Type Machine:

Sentinel Countermeasure




  • 100ft
  • 300 tons
  • Country of Origin:

    New Genosha


    Stark Industries


    Gold-Trintanium Alloy


  • Optical Repulsor Rays (2)
  • Palm Mounted Repulsor Rays (2)
  • Shoulder Mounted Tesserect Tipped Jericho Missile Launchers (4)
  • Arc Reactor Unibeam
  • Power Source:

    Chest Piece Centered Vibranium Powered Arc Reactor


  • Identification Scanner
  • Multi-Vision Optics
  • Foot Mounted Repulsor Jets
  • JARVIS Artificial Intelligence Upload
  • EMP Resistance
  • Sentinel Killers are a large robotic countermeasure that is used by the mutants on New Genosha. They were developed with the assistance of Tony Stark who based design on his Iron Man armor. They are designed to be a countermeasure against the Sentinels that have been developed by Bolivar Trask.

    Early StartEdit

    In the early days of New Genosha, most mutants took the concepts of a Sentinel invasion very seriously and many turned to the monarchy for assistance on the matter. Mutant X and ForestFire both gave the speech that they will work on a new countermeasure against the Sentinels. They called upon the assistance of Tony Stark who arrived in no time with the use of his Iron Man armor. Upon his arrival, they worked countless hours on a new design and developement. They later made the first fully functional prototype of the Sentinel Killer.

    Resurrection of the SentinelsEdit

    By the same year as the establishment of New Genosha; Bolivar Trask managed to escape and get his hands on a secret Sentinel manufacturing plant in New York. After that, he sent a total of 50 Sentinels towards New Genosha. Upon seeing this, Mutant X sent out a new batch of 20 S.K. units and within a total of 5 minutes, the 50 Sentinels sent by Trask were all turned to ash and hit the ocean before they even had a chance to set foot on New Genosha.


    Since they proved their worth against Sentinels, the Sentinel Killers have been a major aspect of defense for the mutants of New Genosha.