Mutant 101 is an episode of X-Men: the animated series


Jean Grey, Rogue, Jubilee, and Storm have been captured by a scientist who hates mutants with technology skills.


Jean Grey wakes up suddenly and finds herself, Rogue, Jubilee, and Storm captured and imprisoned in chairs that neutralize their powers. Shortly, their captor was Dr, Gerald, a mad scientist who was tired of seeing them work alongside the male members of the X-Men to save the lives of humans and mutants. He kidnapped them after he filled the Mansion with knockout gas and brought them to his lair. He then dumps them in different rooms fitted with hypnosis screens. Jubilee manages to get free from her chair and also frees Jean, Storm, and Rogue to take down Dr, Gerald. But they had to fight his army of robots, and the mad scientist recaptures Jean, Storm, and Rogue. However, Jubilee frees them again and takes Dr, Gerald to jail.

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